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Department of Kriya Sharir was established in 1988. It is led by Dr. B. N. Sharma as the first head of the department. PG and Ph.D. Programs are started in 1991 & 2004 respectively. P.G. Department of Kriya Sharir is the model department in the field of Kriya Sharir. The department deals with the subject 'Kriya Sharir' i.e., the functioning of the human body in its normal state. 'Physiology' is the basis of 'Medicine'. In this subject, students get introduced to fundamental Ayurvedic concepts like Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Agni, Koshtha, Prakruti, Sara, Bala, Atma, Mana, etc. If one understands these normal body processes, it is easy to understand pathological changes in Ayurvedic view. Kriya Sharir is also the basis of Ayurvedic pharmacology and Ayurvedic medicine.

It imparts teaching and training to Undergraduates, Post Graduates, and Ph.D. Scholars. It is renowned for its integrated infrastructure, including Hematology & Urology Lab, Advanced Physiology Lab, Virtual Reality Lab, Seminar Hall, and departmental library. Its Hematology & Urology Lab, one of its kind, is equipped with well-calibrated & well-labeled instruments & reagents.  SOPs of all the equipment, and various charts regarding lab protocols, measures, and precautions are displayed in the lab. Advanced Physiology Lab is equipped with highly sophisticated and advanced tools like 3D-DXA BMD, CPET, Body Plethasmograph, EMG, EEG, ECG, Physiogram, and many more.

It is one of the first departments in the field of Kriya Sharir that offers a Virtual Reality Lab for the advanced teaching-learning process.  Department has a library with a wide range of books (979) Department has its library equipped with almost 979 books including 746 Ayurvedic books and 233 Modern medicine, physiology, and bio-chemistry related books. Departmental faculties and scholars have donated 320 books on special occasions and celebrations under the Gyan Yagya Campaign run by the department.

P. G. Department of Kriya Sharir successfully runs Skincare Unit and provides an array of patient care services like Phototherapy, Jalauka Avacharana, Alabu Therapy, and Prachhana Karma to the patient.

Currently, the department is run under the supervision of the Head, Professor Chhaju Ram Yadav, one Associate Professor (Dr. Mahendra Prasad), and 3 Assistant Professors (Dr. Sarika Yadav, Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Dr. Rashmi Prakash Gurao) with supporting technical and non-teaching staff.

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